Through Danco Builders, Danco Builders Northwest, and DT Builders, we offer bonded and non-bonded commercial and residential construction. We are a group of companies dedicated to the success of our customers and our own success. We serve home buyers, affordable housing developers, entities in the Danco Group of Companies, commercial business owners, government agencies and affordable housing developers. Our diversity of construction knowledge, accomplishments in affordable housing, and self-perform ability means that we have what it takes to get the job done.

Hammer & Hand Construction

Best Practices Manual

Airport Remodel (Redding, 2014)

Plaza Point (Arcata, 2012)

Wellness Center (Yreka, 2015)

Eureka Health Clinic (Eureka, 2013)

Nature Center (Manila, 2011)

Campbell Apartments (Hoopa,2016)