Danco Builders Northwest

Your Bonded Construction Partner.

Danco Builders Northwest was formed in 2007 as opportunities arose in bonded public works construction. Using the decades of experience and accomplishments of Danco Builders, we've established ourself as a well-trained team of construction professionals. Because it is our sole focus, we are the seasoned partner that’ll do the job right on projects that require the assurances of bonded contracts.

CA Contractor's License Number: 899392

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Plaza Point

Arcata, 2012

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Redding Airport Terminal

Redding, 2014

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Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

Manila, 2011

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Humboldt County Animal Shelter

McKinleyville, 2005

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Fortuna Family Apartments


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Church Hill Townhomes

Fortuna, 2013

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Willow Creek Apartments

Willow Creek, 2007

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