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Emory Heights Apartments

Phoenix, AZ



Emory Heights is a proposed affordable housing development, with a focus on family units and permanent supportive housing for victims of domestic violence in Maricopa County. The development will have 61 units, the majority of which will be 2 and 3-bedroom units for families, with 18 units set aside for our identified permanent supportive housing residents. Danco Communities will partner with the Stella Grace Foundation, an Arizona 501c3 nonprofit, as the Managing General Partner in the to-be-formed 17th Ave Limited Partnership, as well as contract with the Stella Grace Foundation to provide services for the special needs population of victims of domestic violence who require permanent housing. This development will not provide temporary housing or emergency sheltering services.

Emory Heights will be built on property at 5307 and 5245 North 17th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85015. The project is located on two parcels, with a combined acreage of 1.519 Acres. It is located in QCT 1074.00 and is also within the Solano TOD Revitalization District. This project has 2 proposed phases. For a sense of future project scope, Phase 2 property is 1 acre on Camelback Rd where another 50-60 units can be built in late 2024, after rezoning to Walkable Urban Code is completed. Both sites are in close proximity to a community park, community rec center, schools, grocery stores, pharmacies, and home goods stores, as well as fitness facilities, restaurants, employment centers, medical centers 2 hospitals, and cultural centers including art museums.

The project will provide 19 supportive housing units for individuals and families who have experienced domestic violence. The supportive housing units will be provided with services such as case management, support groups, counseling, job training opportunities, entrepreneurial workshops, financial literacy, security for buildings and units, and a resident service coordinator for the building. Services will be contracted through the Stella Grace Foundation, a local 501c3 organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing and housing support services to people experiencing domestic violence. Stella Grace Foundation was founded to support people who have used emergency services and shelters to leave abusive relationships, but have been unable to find permanent affordable housing. The goal of providing housing and support services is to prevent victims from having to return to their abusers for financial support and housing. Permanent housing provides individuals and families a safe haven from which to gain confidence, build community and self-efficacy, and heal from trauma.


5245 and 5307 N 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.