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Tentative map and improvements

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Scope of Work

The improvement project consists of subdividing and developing a former mill town and lumber storage/processing area to provide a diverse mix of land uses (residential, commercial, light industrial/business park, and public) while protecting environmentally sensitive areas and resources. Key Samoa Town Master Plan elements include:

County of Humboldt Samoa Town Master Plan

• A commercial area at Vance Avenue and Cutten Street

• A business park along the south portion of Vance Avenue

• A revitalized Samoa Cookhouse area which includes the existing Samoa Cookhouse with visitor accommodations on upper floor, an expanded Maritime Museum, the existing gymnasium, baseball field, and elementary school, and a new tent and cabin camping area with bathhouse

• 198 new residential units, including a residential district west of Vance Avenue

• Live/work studios along Cadman Court

• 80 new workforce housing units east of Vance Avenue and north of Soule Street

• Coastal dependent industrial land east of the NCRA railroad tracks

• Open space and natural areas east of New Navy Base Road and at other locations

• Roads, trails and pathways

• A park and town square

• Public facilities, including a wastewater treatment plant, water tanks, corporation yard and utility substation.