Town of Samoa

A New Commercial + Residential Development

The Town of Samoa is one of the most exciting developments in Humboldt County. The purchase of a retired company lumber town and master plan redevelopment of it will not only provide the infrastructure to restore and preserve the existing coastal town, but will build the community into a thriving mixed use development. Adding a town square, artist live-work studios, miles of pedestrian trails, light industrial park, as well as a variety of home sizes and a multi-family component, the town will also retain its original charm and character through the preservation of its existing homes.

Currently undergoing the public approval process, the development must go before the Humboldt County Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, and the California Coastal Commission.

Town of Samoa 
Humboldt County, CA

Samoa Home Purchase Interest List

Going into 2019 the homes in Samoa will go up for sale.

Current Samoa residents have first rights to purchasing either the current home they live in or another home in town.

This list is for Samoa residents only.

Interest List

The Future

The history of Samoa dates back to the late 1800s as a logging town closely tied to the rise and fall of the redwood lumber industry in Humboldt County. In 1892 the "Samoa Land and Improvement Company" was formed by several prominent citizens of Eureka. Two hundred seventy acres were purchased to build the town of Samoa, an area formerly known as the "Coney Island of the Pacific." The town was later named Samoa due to the popularity of the Pacific island.

In 1893 E.H. Vance purchased land on the Samoa peninsula to build a new sawmill. This same year the Samoa Cookhouse opened to serve the sawmill employees. At times, 500 men were served per meal. After changing owners many times, Samoa was purchased by the Samoa Pacific Group in 2001 from Simpson-Samoa Company. The town is one of the few remaining examples of a "Company Town" in the United States. Currently the 94 existing residences and the Samoa Women's Club are managed by Danco Property Management.

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Photos courtesy of the Ericson & Palmquist/Yale Collections, Humboldt State University Library.

Samoa Mansion

Built in 1908, the historic Samoa Mansion is now available for your wedding, party, meeting, or business retreat. With ten bedrooms, and countless other beautifully decorated spaces, you can easily create the perfect setting for your event.

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Samoa Women's Club

The Samoa Women's Club is the perfect place to host your wedding, event or meeting. Equipped with a full kitchen, tables and chairs, wireless internet and more, the Samoa Women's Club offers a flexible space to hold events.

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