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Meet our Development Team

Chris Dart

President of Danco Communities

Chris's extensive experience and knowledge in the development and construction industry spans over thirty years with the Danco Group. With beginnings in the construction field under operations, Chris successfully worked his way though the ranks to his current position as President. He pioneered the affordable housing endeavors of Danco Communities and continues to be the visionary principal of the development department at Danco. He is involved in land acquisitions, design development, entitlements and financing strategies and has built a vast knowledge in obtaining various forms of local, state and federal government funding for his projects. Danco Communities specializes in developing affordable housing projects by obtaining funding from organizations such as TCAC, USDA RD, HOME and CDBG.

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Cameron Dart

Acquisition Analyst & Development Project Manager

Cameron Dart became a part of The Danco Group in 2023, taking on the role of development project manager. Before this, he was a dedicated student at California State University, San Marcos in San Diego, CA, where he achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Presently, Cameron serves as an acquisition analyst and development project manager within the development team. In his position, Cameron recognizes the lack of a rigid structure or formula. Fields like acquisitions, negotiations, and affordable housing development lean more towards art than science, which can occasionally be challenging. To effectively manage these challenges, Cameron relies on organization and keen monitoring of the varying stages of a deal. He knows that these stages can evolve and change as market and environmental factors fluctuate, requiring flexibility that is both exciting and demanding. In his approach, Cameron highlights the need for a concentrated mindset, giving priority to tasks that are high leverage. Cameron understands the importance of acting promptly and making swift decisions, all while maintaining a clear and focused mind. As Cameron continues to grow and evolve within his role, he remains dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence and contributing significantly to the success of the organization and his team.

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Hailey Del Grande

Grants Manager

Hailey Del Grande began her career at The Danco Group in April of 2018 on our treasury management team. She quickly transitioned into the Danco Communities development assistant and worked her way up to becoming one of our most knowledgeable & organized development project managers, overseeing a handful of projects, each with their own deadlines & obstacles. In 2022, Hailey transitioned into her new role as a “Grants Manager” and as of 2023, secured over $317 million dollars in grant revenue by the end of the fiscal year. Hailey does not take this accomplishment for granted, she sees the challenges that come into play when securing financial capital, for example, high competition in the industry due to the economic climate. However, because of her industry knowledge, impeccable organizational skills, and utilizing they key networks she has made, Hailey is able to set practices in place to create multiple funding strategies in case one does not work out. She is an asset to the team and the organization overall.

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Jayden Johnson

Project Manager

Jayden Johnson graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Leadership with an emphasis in Project Management. Although Jayden has held many roles within the organization, she recently joined the development team full-time in the summer of 2022. Now as a Development Project Manager, Jayden works hand in hand with our development team and external partners to ensure funding and tax credit applications are submitted before project start-up. Although these applications tend to be quite tedious, with extensive research that goes into putting our projects together, Jayden understands the value in using her key networks to hold & fulfil on her commitments to successfully manager all her projects in our development pipeline.

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Laura Berreth

Asset Manager

Laura Berreth has been with Danco for 15 years and is the newest member of the Danco Communities team, she oversaw Danco Property Management and Danco Supportive Services, a women's recovery treatment center offering innovative & diverse addiction/mental health treatment services for those in need. Throughout the years, Laura has learned extensive experience and knowledge in the compliance, budgeting, and operation of various multi-family housing programs. Besides overseeing Danco Property Management and Danco Supportive Services in its entirety, she was also the regional manager for eight different affordable housing properties. She will now be helping our development team as an asset manager who will help maintain the profitability of the companies assets, help maintain all partnership and accurate financial documentation, & ensure that cost overruns and inaccuracies in financials are being appropriately handled and prevented.

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McKenzie Dibble

Project Manager

McKenzie Dibble started her career in the development industry with the Danco Group. During her time on the team, McKenzie has submitted numerous funding applications with varying public agencies, all of which were competitive and many of which were approved for funding. Through these endeavors McKenzie has secured over $190 million dollars in public and publicly backed financing. Not only is McKenzie thoroughly versed in many state and federally sourced funding application processes, but also in post award compliance with the rigorous regulations of these funding agencies. She has gained expertise in navigating timelines declared by funding agencies and is able to keep each project moving ahead and fully funded during all phases of development.

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Michele Kerrigan

Asset Manager

Michele Kerrigan graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Shortly after, she worked as a report writer for the engineering & environmental service firm, Winzler & Kelly. In 2012, Michele started her career with The Danco Group as the IT manager for the entire organization, being responsible for implementation & maintenance of all technology & systems within the organization. As the organization grew, Michele quickly transitioned into VP of Innovation Information Technology with an IT manager who reported directly to her. In 2020, Michele transitioned into the Asset Manager for all entities at The Danco Group. Michelle is responsible for maintaining the profitability of the company’s assets through rigorous budget scrutiny, loan optimization, and investor compliance. She oversees maintaining all partnership and financial documentation for each project. She works closely with each department in the organization to ensure that cost overruns and inaccuracies in financials are being appropriately handled and prevented.

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Sarah Jensen

Development Assistant

Sarah Jensen stepped into her role as a Development Assistant at The Danco Group in 2023, right after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies with a minor in Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her primary responsibility in her role is to provide comprehensive support to the entire development team. Her role involves navigating the complicated world of governmental policies and financial structures, which is challenging given the ever-evolving nature of the affordable housing industry. To ensure success, Sarah relies on her strong organizational skills, key networks, and in-depth industry-specific research. Sarah's adaptability and flexibility are vital in addressing the intricate issues of affordable housing. She often devises multiple strategies and backup plans to meet deadlines. Her collaboration with various teams within the organization enables her to anticipate and proactively address the complex issues and potential obstacles that Danco Communities might encounter as developers. As she continues to grow and develop within her role, Sarah remains a valued asset to The Danco Group, continuously improving her skills and expanding her knowledge in the ever-evolving affordable housing industry.

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