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1207 N. Capitol Ave

San Jose, CA

Multi-Family Affordable Housing In Development


The 1207 North Capitol Multifamily Housing project is a forward-thinking development in San Jose's Alum Rock neighborhood. Addressing the pressing need for affordable housing, it integrates functionality, aesthetics, and community engagement. Positioned along a major public transportation route, with easy access to a nearby light rail station, the project prioritizes connectivity. By promoting walking and cycling, it enhances residents' physical and mental well-being. The 5-story C-shaped structure features creatively interconnected open green spaces as communal amenities. Its thoughtful architectural orientation ensures most units receive ample daylight from the West, East, and South, while the courtyard benefits from Southern light. Unique exterior balconies provide functional outdoor spaces and balance the building's mass with individual units. The project includes over 13,000 square feet of communal areas such as lounges, community rooms, fitness facilities, and exterior open spaces. These areas promote physical health, recreation, and socialization, fostering human connections and a strong sense of community. Situated in the heart of Alum Rock, the 1207 North Capitol project seamlessly integrates into the vibrant community. Its dynamic architecture and thoughtful landscaping enhance the neighborhood's aesthetic appeal, making it a positive and enriching addition to the area.


  • 129 affordable housing units
  • Green open space as a communal amenity
  • Ample common interior community spaces
  • Balconies for units

The 1207 North Capitol Multifamily Housing project addresses the critical need for affordable housing while nurturing a sense of community and well-being among residents and the broader neighborhood. With careful planning and a focus on creating a dynamic residential community, the project will be a fundamental part of the Alum Rock community in San Jose.


1207 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95132


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