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Alvarado Garden Apartments

San Pablo, CA

Phase 1 coming Fall 2024


This is a 100% affordable residential project on a 4.46‐acre site. The proposed building is a 3 and 4‐story, 82,000 square foot structure containing 25 3‐bedroom units, 26 2‐bedroom units, 48 1‐bedroom units and one 3‐bedroom unit for a resident manager for a total of 100 units. Four existing buildings will remain in place, including the Alvarado Adobe, the Blume House, The Bunk House and the Teixeira house. The existing vacant City Hall building will be removed. Surface parking is provided on the West and South side of the residential building. Construction is expected to begin in the 4th quarter of 2022 and take 19 months to complete.

Project Goals and Vision:

1 Connections to the Community

  • Alvarado Plaza ‐ Creates a new landscaped plaza to provide a new public gathering space and to connect the new commercial uses with the Alvarado Adobe and bring additional activity and attention to the museum.
  • Commercial Space ‐ Provides an active frontage along San Pablo Avenue with attractive ground floor commercial space for local entrepreneurs, neighborhood retail, food uses and community service providers.
  • Design ‐ Architectural language harmonizes with Alvarado Adobe and reinforces San Pablo’s community identity. Creates a friendly sidewalk along San Pablo Avenue and steps back with a varied roof line to break up the building mass.
  • Public Access ‐ Provides continued public access and parking to the Blume House and Alvarado Adobe.

2 Access to Nature

  • Grand Courtyard ‐ Retains and improves the existing large City Hall courtyard as the centerpiece of the development.
  • Exterior Circulation ‐ Open air walkways between units and amenities will allow good ventilation, provide a connection to nature, and enhance the sense of community for residents.
  • Blume House Neighborhood Park ‐ Provides a community pocket park with improved landscaping and seating areas at the Historic Blume House, Bunk House, Teixeira House, and Wildcat Creek.

3 Quality Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Housing ‐ Provides one hundred units of high quality affordable housing for individuals and families that will provide a sense of safety, security, and community.
  • Units ‐ Open design floor plans and ample storage for flexible use of space to meet individual needs.
  • Resources ‐ Provides community meeting rooms, counseling rooms and offices for on‐site service providers.
  • Healthy Interiors ‐ Uses low/no VOC paints, adhesives, and carpets.


13831 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo, CA 94806

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.