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Cussick Apartments

Chico, CA



The proposed development, Cussick Apartments, as envisioned, has been designed to fit within the context of an existing residential neighborhood northwest of the main north-south Esplanade Boulevard in Chico, California. Located approximately one-half mile west of an existing commercial development, the design of Cussick Apartments has taken a cue from recently completed multifamily apartments in the general vicinity relative to size and massing of the structures on site, and the integrated use of vibrant colors to differentiate the individual building types and architectural styles of each of the seven residential structures. The design and engineering team have paid particular attention to the local, existing context of the neighborhood and where possible have placed the building mass for each collection of apartment homes, as far away from existing single family residential properties to the north. The massing of the seven structures, their unique color schemes as proposed, and integration of contemporary massing and detailing, including the marriage of stucco and panelized faux wood panels, in a contemporary California ‘post-modernist’ stylistic architecture, is a powerful reflection of the place making ability of affordable housing in one of northern California’s most scenic communities. The project, as designed, includes seventy-five residential units with an on-site manager’s unit and Common Area amenities consistent with current construction trends in the multifamily production industry. The powerful concept for this development originated with a fundamental focus on the functionality and importance of resident interactions, and the critical socialization components sound design and planning principals espouse, encouraging residents and their guests, to focus on place making fundamentals of neighborly collaboration, security through visibility, and the celebration of Universal Design tenants and accessibility provisions of Fair Housing. The design professionals have elaborated on the programming requirements that additional attention be given to the following Vision and Goals:

  • Attractively designed, dignified living opportunities for all residents, in four different unit types
  • Active, independent living with neighbors in a secure, encouraging environment
  • Thoughtfully integrated programming of public and private spaces and their uses
  • Vibrant landscaping, and village green components that encourage resident interactions
  • Centrally located paseo walking path within the center courtyard of the development
  • Economical structures that celebrate local colors, vernacular and historical precedents
  • Sustainability is celebrated, integrated, and manifested into the structure and resident interiors

The project includes three primary components: affordable workforce/family Housing, community support services within the community building and site amenities which encourage outdoor activities and lifestyle choices.


616 W East Ave, Chico, CA 95926

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.