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Laurel Canyon Apartments "7th & Myrtle"

Eureka, CA



Laurel Canyon Apartments in Eureka, CA is a 3-story elevator building with 36 units. One 3-bedroom unit for the on-site manager, and 35 units reserved for income-qualified Seniors. 27 one-bedroom units, 6 two-bedroom units, and 2 studio units.

A one-story community building is also included and contains an office, laundry facility, fitness room, teaching kitchen, and sitting room.

The site is developed to include 19 parking spaces, trash and recycling collection, walkways, and landscaped open space.


1720 7th Street Eureka, CA 95501



Tenant Admission Policy and Leasing Policy

  1. Occupancy guidelines are:
    • 1 bed: 1-3 persons
    • 2 bed: 2-5 persons
    • 3 bed: 4-7 persons
    • 4 bed: 4-9 persons
  2. Tenants will be screened in accordance with the Agent’s written Tenant Selection Policy. Criteria for selection will be:
    • Minimum Income of 2 times the rent (after other household obligations) or other proof of rent affordability. Other proof of rent affordability includes other subsidies or history of paying rent equal to or greater than the proposed rent regardless of the minimum income requirement.
    • Household composition (to meet occupancy standards).
    • Prior and present landlord history (positive) for the last 3 years.
    • Credit history of not more than a total of $0.00 to 5,000.00 negative or 120 days late within the last five years for “hard credit” accounts. “Hard credit” is considered everything other than medical bills, debts discharged by bankruptcy, voluntary repossessions, foreclosures, and government backed student loan programs.
    • Program eligibility (as verified by 3rd party information & or other acceptable source documents) based on a program income limits and other eligibility criteria as required by program regulation.
  3. Should the screening criteria need to be modified in cases where the economic outlook in a specific market area causes a lack of qualified applicants, Agent shall obtain Owner’s approval, without revision to the plan or agreement.
  4. The Property Manager will accept and process applications for rentals. If an application is rejected, the applicant will be informed, in writing, of the reason for rejection. The rejected application, with reasons for rejection noted thereon, will be kept on file. If the rejection is because of information obtained from a credit bureau, the source of the report will be revealed to the applicant in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  5. The approved applicant will be allowed to inspect the unit prior to occupancy. An approved ‘Move In – Move Out Checklist’ will be used to report unit condition at move in and move out. This document becomes a part of the Lease Agreement. The tenant and the Property Manager will receive copies of this inspection.
  6. The Property Manager will provide orientation services for each tenant. These services include a review of the Lease Agreement and House Rules, showing each tenant all of features of the project, i.e. mailbox, laundry room, community room (if applicable), unit amenities, and conducting a move in inspection of the unit.
  7. The Lease Agreement and House Rules set forth the Landlord and Tenant rights, obligations and responsibilities and define those actions that are either acceptable or unacceptable while the tenant is in residence at the complex.
  8. All leasing activity is conducted primarily in English. Where a significant number of persons in the area of the rental housing development have limited fluency in English the lease, rules and regulations will be provided in the appropriate language.

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