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Meridian at Petaluma North Station

Petaluma, CA

Multi-Family Affordable Housing In Development


This project is designed for 131 units of residential apartments with a large complement of open green space and amenities for children ages 2‐12 and teens 13‐17. There is a total of six 3‐story buildings with a unit mix of studios, 1‐bedroom, 2‐bedroom and 3‐bedrooms units and one 4‐story building with a unit mix of studios, 1‐bedroom, 2‐bedroom, and 3 bedrooms. Each studio and 1‐bedroom have one bathroom and 2‐bedroom and 3‐bedroom units each have two bathrooms. Buildings 1,2,3,4 and 7 each have 12 units including: three studios, three 1‐bedroom units, four 2‐bedroom units and two 3‐bedroom units. Building 5 has 8 units including two studios, two 1‐bedroom units, one 2‐bedroom unit and three 3‐bedroom units. Building 6 has 63 units including sixteen studios, eleven 1‐bedroom units, twenty 2‐ bedroom units and sixteen 3‐bedroom units. All accessible units will be on the ground floors. The site plan maximizes open green space and maximizes the distance away from the SMART train along the North side of the property. There will be office spaces, therapy rooms, a gym, and a multipurpose room to serve the supportive housing tenants. The following goals capture the core vision of project:

  • A sense of safety, security, and community.
  • Community focused, with a variety of highly visible outdoor recreational spaces.
  • State of the art and environmentally responsible, advanced green building, super water efficient, and healthy indoor living environments.
  • A residential environment with safe walking spaces separated from vehicular traffic.


890 N McDowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954