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Mother Bernard

Coming Summer 2023


1140 4th Street includes the rehabilitation of two, two-story existing motel buildings and a new two-story building along 4th Street that will together provide a total of 49 affordable units, supportive service spaces and common amenities.

The site currently includes a parking lot that extends to 4th street to the north and M street to the east, and is bound by a metal security fence. The site redesign aims to create a sense of place and community that is both secure and welcoming for residents. The relationship to 4th Street will be redefined by reducing the front setback and locating the main building entrance on 4th. Common open spaces for residents will be carved out of the space between buildings, accomplished by demolishing the motel lobby and open carport and relocating two of the existing exterior stairs. New and existing buildings will be woven together with a wood trellis, fence and screen that provide privacy, security, warmth and visual continuity throughout the site and street frontages.

The south facade of the new building reengages 4th Street through movement, materiality and relationship to human scale and building program. A butterfly roof form creates a sense of movement along 4th Street. The two roof slopes come together at a low point that distinguishes the building entry, accessible by a ramp that is integrated with and screened by the trellis above. The lobby, emphasized by a two-story accent color, brings some transparency through the site as it connects to the courtyard at the south facade. The geometry of the roof form differentiates the building program along 4th Street through a material shift that occurs at the change in slope. The west side is clad in a warm accoya wood siding and a large storefront window highlights the community room. The accoya wraps to the west facade, where the community room spills out into an exterior gathering space, to be used for outdoor dining and barbecues. The east side of the building is clad in fiber cement siding, where office spaces and utility rooms feature a rhythmic window patterning. Materials and colors from the main facade wrap around to M street, providing visual continuity on the secondary frontage.

The south facade relates to the existing motel buildings in its open corridor at the second story units, with wood columns that support a covered roof and exterior exit stairs. Each of the buildings overlook the courtyard amenity spaces, with a rich palette of planting materials, shade trees and gathering spaces. The stormwater treatment system is featured with a rain chain that is integrated with the butterfly roof. There is an opportunity for public art on the south and east side of the new building, which would create a focal point in the courtyard and highlight a special aspect of Eureka's identity or history.


1140 4th Street Eureka, CA 95501



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