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Orchard Commons

Santa Rosa, CA

multi-family affordable housing


Orchard Commons is a new 46-unit, 100% affordable apartment dwelling project on a 1.91 acre site within the Roseland / Sebastopol Road Specific Plan EIR, comprising a one story, 2,918 square foot Community Building and a two story, 59,102 square foot walk-up apartment building, a separate waste container enclosure, and 77 surface parking stalls. The apartment dwellings are arranged on both sides of an exterior exit corridor with exiting provided by means of (3) exterior exit stairs. (48) One Bedroom Units, (30) Two Bedroom Units, and (12) Three Bedroom Units are proposed.

The Community building has a Leasing Office, a Lounge / Meeting Room, Kitchen, Mail and Parcel Pick up area under a covered Porch, Maintenance Room, Rest Rooms, Storage Room and Common Laundry Room. Outdoor amenities for the residents include a play structure.


811 Boyd Street Santa Rosa, CA 95407



1. The Household’s Gross or Adjusted annual income must not exceed the most restrictive of one or more of the programs’ income limits in effect at the time of the households Initial Occupancy Certification. There may be several income targets and various numbers of units reserved for each income group.

2. All applicants must disclose social security numbers for all family members at least 6 years of age and older and provide proof of the numbers reported. Households must supply either a copy of the required social security card, verification form from relevant agency, or other acceptable proof based upon current agency requirements. If a household member does not have or cannot provide proof of a Social Security Number (SSN), a personal certification of the facts may be accepted if allowed by program listed above. Adequate documentation must be provided prior to initial occupancy of the household. (4350.3 Sec 3-3 & 24 CFR 5.216)

3. All applicants in the household must sign an Authorization for Release of Information and other required forms as required to obtain adequate documentation of the household’s composition, income, assets, and any allowable adjustments to annual income under the involved programs; prior to receiving assistance and annually thereafter.

4. The unit for which the household is applying must be the household’s only residence.

5. The applicant household must agree to pay the rent required by the program(s) involved in a timely manner as specified in their Lease.

6. All information reported by the household is subject to verification. If management is unable to adequately verify the required information from knowledgeable third parties, the household’s application may be denied.

7. Citizenship requirements - Assistance in subsidized housing is restricted to U.S. citizens or nationals and non-citizens who have eligible immigration status as determined by HUD. All household members, regardless of age, must declare their citizenship or immigration status. Non-citizen applicants will be required to submit evidence of eligible immigration status at the time of application. Applicants who hold a non-citizen student visa are ineligible for assistance, as are any non-citizen household members living with the student

Interested in applying?

Complete the fillable application and email to or mail to the address on the application.

Orchard Commons Application

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer